Parent Evening – Enrichment activities for gifted children:

The Discovery Circle and Bright Sparks Science Club

As a further part of Gifted Awareness Week, GTCASA is presenting a Parent evening outlining some enrichment activities for gifted children.

Date:             Tuesday March 17th 2015
Venue:           Glenunga Int High School staffroom
Time:             7.30pm
Cost:             Free to GTCASA members, non members $25

Discovery Circle

The Discovery Circle is a Citizen Science program run by the University of South Australia. Dr Philip Roetman is its Project Leader, and will tell us about some of the hands-on activities that are the basis of Citizen Science projects, such as searching for wildlife and recording where you found it, or collecting water samples and testing the water. Citizen Science projects can focus on animals, like birds, bats, bees or bettongs, or they can address how we manage local environments, from our gardens, to parks, to nature reserves. Philip will talk about some past Citizen Science projects, and entice us with plans for upcoming research projects that you and your children can join.

Bright Sparks Science Club

Rona Sakko PSM, who previously ran the immensely popular CSIRO Double Helix Science Club, has now established the Bright Sparks Science Club at the University of Adelaide. Officially launched on February 17th this year, the club is for children aged 6 to 15 years. Rona will talk about the club and some of the more than 60 great hands-on activities she’s planning for this year.

Come along and hear about what hands-on activities your children can  be involved in.

Please complete a registration form here whether a member or not.