Enrichment activities – Saturday Club Term 1 2016

STEM Foundations Workshop

Laying deep foundations for learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through familiarisation with the back story.

Join us for 4 sessions to be held on the following dates in Glenunga International High School Staffroom:

Session 1 February 20th 2-4pm  –  History of Pi,  Rigour. Primary Sources. What is Pi? Why was it important to the Ancients? Ancient Odometers, agriculture, construction, transportation. Ancient Estimates of Pi. Squaring the circle activity.

Session 2 March 5th 2 – 4pm  –  History of Science , Scientific method vs scientific knowledge. Human biases. Rigour. Evolution of scientific method.

Session 3 March 19th 2-4pm  (part of Gifted Awareness Week)  Excursion to Botanical Gardens (also social club event) for talk from arborist and plant scientist, and a scavenger hunt

Session 4  April 2nd 2-4pm –  History of the Elements (linking concepts)  What are elements?   Big Bang Theory. Element synthesis, Supernovas. Planet formation. Alchemy. Periodic table.

Flyer available here and registration form here