Saturday Club Philosophy Workshops

In this series your child will participate in a series of four sessions for ages 7- 12 years in Term 3 2016

Art & Drama and Critical Thinking
Ancient History and Philosophy
In these sessions children will have the opportunity to explore play and creativity to engage with philosophical thinking. We will use a Communities of Inquiry approach to create a respectful and safe environment where ideas are explored.
These sessions will allow children to discover content drawn from the Australian Curriculum but explored in depth. Children will be encouraged to approach the content in activities that develop their ability to ask meaningful questions and explain the deeper reasoning for their choices.
Our presenters are Lorelei Siegloff and Kyla Casey. Lorelei is a practicing artist, Chair of the SA Philosophy in Education Association as well as an Art and Classics/History teacher at the University Senior College.
Kyla is an actor as well as a secondary teacher specialising in English, Drama and Research Project. Lorelei and Kyla have particular experience in developing higher order thinking skills in students in arange of arts and humanities subjects.