Saturday Club Term 1 – Learn to Program 3D Printed Robot – Ages 7 – 12 years

Learn to program 3D printed Robot:

Students need to bring a windows laptop and there is a maximum 10 per session with an  even number of students (so they can work in pairs)

Robots are used everywhere and are increasingly becoming an essential part of our life, right from manufacturing to health to exploration and lot more. From Automated trains to automated cars that can drive on their own. The sky is the limit to what great work can be done by using robots in a constructive manner. In this workshop we shall explore how robots can be programmed and put to use that we can only imagine as of now. The feeling of giving life to a machine is un-paralleled. Get ready to reach out to an absolute fantasy world of robots

Dates:  Saturday 18th February; 4th March; 18th March and 1st April

Time:   2-4pm

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