Sci World – Saturday Club Term 2 2017 for 5 – 8 year olds

Juniors aged 5-8 years 

SciWorld is a South Australian not-for-profit organisation full of people who are passionate about science. We provide science outreach programs in various locations around Adelaide and South Australia. We gratefully acknowledge all our supporters and volunteers who make it possible to take science out and about.

We need a minimum of 17 students registered and paid for to present these sessions so BOOK NOW!

Saturday 13th May:  Chemistry Capers   What is Chemistry?  Explore the world of chemical changes and reactions in this hands-on Chemistry Capers workshop.  You’ll explore the world of chemistry through a range of  hands on activities and interactive demonstrations.  You’ll be slimed!  You’ll be lava’d!  You’ll just love this workshop

Your presenter:  Alyce Swinbourne has a passion for all things science. Over the last eight years she has been dedicated to not only learning difference science skills, but learning the fundamentals of teaching science that is both fun and engaging to students of all ages.

Saturday 27th May:  Electric Circuits  How does electricity work? Learn all about circuits in this workshop where you’ll be able to make your own kit buzz and light up!  You’ll also have fun with friends and see how electric currents can travel through us all!   Your presenter:  Alyce Swinbourne

Saturday 17th June:  Rocket Science  How to rockets work?  Learn about forces, air pressure and  variables when you make and test your own low pressure and high pressure rockets.  There’s a lot of scientific fun to be had in this make and do workshop!

Your presenter:  David Booth is really interested in Astronomy, Robotics and  Rocket Science.  He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physics, a Graduate Diploma in Computing Studies and a Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Management.

Saturday 24th June:  Lights and Lasers  Make your own Benham discs and learn about fishbowl illusions.  Explore ghostly colours, colour mixing, chemiluminescence, UV Flourescence and rainbows in this hands on workshop which explores and celebrates light!

Your presenter:  Dr Dylan DeLosAngele grew up on the Darling River, near Wentworth, NSW. He moved to Adelaide to study science at Flinders University, and his interest in Buddhist meditation and brains at the time inspired him to do honours and a PhD on the neuroscience of concentrative meditation.

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