Why Waite – Growing your future – Saturday Club Term 3

Waite Campus, Australia’s leading research, education and commercialisation precinct has the largest concentration of expertise in the southern hemisphere in the areas of plant biotechnology, cereal breeding, sustainable agriculture, wine, food, horticulture and land management. The Waite Campus hosts a number of Australia’s leading agriculture, food, wine and environmental research organisations and the Why Waite group will be presenting the following workshops which are most suitable for 9-12 year olds.

Saturday 5th August  2-4pm  Soilot of Fun! –    Soil pH test: what is pH, what does this mean for the plant?

Saturday 19th August 2-4pm   DNA: Cracking the CodeWhat is DNA? How can four letters, A T C and G, be the code for everything. Let’s explore how scientists use these letters in biotechnology to improve food quality

Saturday 2nd September 2-4pm: ** Goo to make you poo! Making “goo bags” to feel what dietary fibre does when you eat it .

Saturday 16th September 2-4pm     Flavour & Aroma! Aroma experiment

CAUTION: any food allergies and/or dietary restrictions?

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