Saturday Club Term 3 2019

Term 3 2019 Saturday Club will be focusing on the creative arts. The Junior program will be four different art sessions delivered by artist and art teacher Lorelei Siegloff. The program looks to expand the participants vocabulary and understanding in fine arts and expose them to some of the underpinning skills and techniques that go in to producing fine art.

The Eventbrite link for bookings is here

The Intermediate and Senior program will be two sessions on musical composition by Sebastian Phlox from the Elder Conservatory coupled with two session of drama by Sue Lyons. The drama sessions are part of a longer term investigation by GTCASA with regard to offering/delivering standalone (not school based) GTCASA Tournament of Minds teams in future years ( Sue Lyons is an experienced teacher who facilitates the TOM teams for Golden Grove High School (TOM Golden Grove High School).