Dara School

You may be interested to know  of  Adelaide‚Äôs first gifted school- Dara School- which is a unique, one of a kind specialist school catering to the educational and socio-emotional needs of gifted and talented students in South Australia.

The school is a product of several years of hard work by experienced and dedicated educators and parents of gifted children. Dara School officially opened its doors to students in January 2017 as a private, independent, co-educational and secular school, which shares the site and facilities with Ascot Park Primary School, the only Specialist Physical Education and Sport School funded and endorsed by the Department for Education and Child Development. Public interest in Dara School has been unprecedented, with inquiries from schools and universities, local media publishing a dedicated newspaper article and countless contacts from individuals and organizations worldwide.

Dara School currently has a small enrollment, though they are increasing, with some families in the process of relocating from interstate in order to access the school. Dara School teachers are experienced specialists in Gifted Education requiring a minimum of a Master Degree in Gifted Education, with some completing doctoral degrees with a Gifted Education focus. Dara school in addition to being at the forefront of the most current Gifted Education pedagogy will also participate and add to the research into giftedness.

Although Dara School follows the National Curriculum, each student is provided with an individual learning plan which does away with traditional year levels. Teaching is delivered at the level of need for each child across different subjects. For example, a student who might otherwise be enrolled in year 5 in a mainstream school, may be simultaneously accessing year 7 English curriculum, year 10 Mathematics and year 9 Science curriculum as per their specific and individual needs. Although currently Dara School predominantly caters to educating primary age school children where the greatest gifted education need exists in South Australia, the ultimate goal is for the school to become a year 1 to year 12 school in the near future.

For further information, please contact:

Vicki: Phone: 0487 029 331 Reception@daraschool.sa.edu.au

Lynda (Principal) Phone 0412 678 060 Lynda@daraschool.sa.edu.au