Saturday Club Term 1 2020

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom – Aristotle.

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TERM 1 2020

Session 1 – 15 February 2020

Session 2 – 29 Feb 2020

Session 3 – 14 March 2020

Session 4 – 28 March 2020 -CANCELLED

PLEASE NOTE – The Final session of Saturday Club on March 28th has been CANCELLED Due to the government’s request to reschedule non essential gatherings
We will manually issue prorated refunds of season ticket and will investigate the online delivery of Terms 2 and 3

 Saturday Club for Term 1 will focus on the theme of Self.  Term 1 aims to empower the children with skills around emotions and philosophical thinking.

Junior (5-8 years)

The  junior program emotional management program will be delivered by Britta Jureckson who is a learning support teacher specialising in gifted education. Britta has delivered this series of three sessions dealing with Emotional Management for the past four years to great acclaim. This is deliberately offered in Term 1 to support the return to school of our youngest  members. Children are welcome to refresh their knowledge from previous years and of greater value discuss their experiences. To round out the 4 sessions for the term the Adelaide based Robogals chapter will present a session with programming of robots and some robot battles to close out the day – this session is about friendship, working in small groups and exploring technology with like minds. 

 Session One  (15 February 2020) – Identifying and Managing Anger. (Junior). In this session we will read a book about ‘the red beast’ to learn about what happens when we feel angry. We will discuss strategies to help control our anger and talk about why this is an important skill to learn.

Session Two  (29 Feb 2020) –Identifying and Managing Anxiety. (Junior). In this session we will read a book about ‘the panicosaurus’ to learn about what happens when we feel worried. We will discuss strategies to help manage our anxiety and talk about why this is important skill to learn.

 Session Three (14 March 2020) – ROBOGALS Program and Battle (Junior ). This session delivered by a team of young female engineers, and technology specialists looks to engage the children in robotics, computer programing and fun competition. Support will be needed from parents during the sessions especially if they have IT skills. 

Session Four (28 March 20) – Identifying and Managing Disappointment (Junior)  In this session we will read a book about ‘the disappointment dragon’ to learn what happens when we feel disappointed. We will discuss strategies to help manage our disappointment and talk about why this is an  important skill to learn.

Intermediate (8-12 yrs) and Senior (12-17yrs)

The ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates, believed that ‘The unexamined life is not worth living’. He believed that philosophy – ‘the love of wisdom’ – was the most important pursuit of all, and that our lives would be infinitely more meaningful if we regularly questioned, and critically examined, what we think. The GTCASA Philosophy Program will focus on helping students to develop their critical thinking skills, so that they can ultimately lead more fulfilling lives. This program will be delivered by the SA Philosophy in Education Association’s experienced GTCASA presenters and Circle of Inquiry facilitators.

The philosophy presenters are both experienced teachers with primary and secondary experience and active in the gifted and talented community.

Sue Lyons, Gifted Ed Teacher, B.A., Ll.B., G.D.L.P., B.Soc.Admin., B.Ed., Grad.Dip.Ed.(Sec.), Grad. Cert.Ed.(Gifted Ed.), M.Ed.

Lorelei Siegloff, Secondary Teacher, Advanced Practitioner: Philosophy in Education, B.A. (Hons), B.V.A. (Hons), M.Teach.

The sessions will focus on practical Applied Ethics. Before the break, students will participate in fun warm-up activities that introduce them to challenging philosophical questions. After the break, students will respond to an article/video, which raises a curly ethical dilemma for them to explore in a Circle of Inquiry.

The seniors second block will be presented by Mr Chris Mann a leadership consultant, community leader and often face in our local gifted community with his children regularly attending Saturday Club. Chris has extensive experience with teenage engagement and is offering The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game – For Teens. This is a game designed to help teens discuss how they are growing, developing and leading – and how they would like to make changes to the organization they are in now, or changes in the future.

Intermediates (aged 8-12) will explore a range of issues such as What rights should a child have? Should we be kind to others?, or Do we have a responsibility to care for the environment?:

Session 1 (15 Feb 2020): Philosophy 1

Session 2 (29 Feb 2020): Philosophy 2

Session 3 (14 March 2020): Philosophy 3

Session 4 (28 March 2020): Philosophy 4

Seniors (aged 12-17) will explore Leadership:

Session 1 (15 Feb 2020): Philosophical and Ethical thinking P1 1

Session 2 (29 Feb 2020): Philosophical and Ethical thinking Pt 2

Session 3 (14 Mar 2020): Leadership – The John Maxwell Team Game Pt 1

Session 4 (28 March 2020): Leadership – The John Maxwell Team Game Pt 2


 What can I bring into the event?

Please bring water and a snack for the mid session break. Adults are catered for with tea, coffee and biscuits.

Do I need to remain with my child?

We ask that you stay on site while the children are in session to assist us in the even that they become upset or need support.

 How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please email GTCASA via our website.