Term 4 will explore fine art through jewellery and design for intermediate and seniors and a sketching workshop for juniors.

About this event

Junior (5-8yr) Workshop

‘Sketch your world’ Artist/Tutor: Dr Bridgette Minzzo

Taking inspiration from 20th century European masters and contemporary Australian artists we will ‘take a line for a walk’ by firstly exploring continuous line drawing and pattern making, then using colour to develop our drawings into ‘vignettes’ scenes from our world, building towards the creation of an illustrated concertina artist’s book. In each session students will make exploratory work, and finished artworks to take home.

Intermediate and Senior Workshop (8-16 yr)

SAFETY ADVICE: Close toed shoes and Hair Tied Back required. limit loose clothing.

Jewellery Wire Design and Manufacture Artist/Tutor: Sarah James

Sarah will be presenting a series of 4 sessions looking at jewellery and sculpture using the medium of wire. This will both challenge the students fine motor skills and creativity as they work with the medium.

Further information about sessions and booking details are HERE