Resources for Parents and Teachers: Maths books for Gifted and Talented students – Year 7&8, 9&10

Ian Bull has recommended two Mathematics books that contain the materials that he has used in his programs, appropriate to students of exceptional ability.  He has taught mathematics from Grade 6 to Year 12 in both state and private schools. He has been head of mathematics at Melbourne High School for a dozen years as well as being director of gifted and talented education there. Ian has a wealth of experience in education ranging from VCE examination marking, writing sections of Naplan as well as recently writing materials for the Australian National Curriculum.

* Extension Mathematics for Higher Achieving Students Years 7-8 2nd edition (ISBN: 9781921586736)
* Extension Mathematics for Higher Achieving Students Years 9-10 2nd edition (ISBN: 9781921586743)

If you are interested, the publisher can be contacted for further information: FIVE SENSES EDUCATION (Roger Furniss) Phone: Australia number – 02 9838 9265 More information HERE