Gallery – Family Days

Family Day with Professor Flint – 17 May, 2015

Professor Flint gave a follow-up tour of the South Australian Museum to those families who attended the Family Day on 15th March.

Families enjoyed a fascinating and highly entertaining tour through the World Mammals, South Australian biodiversity, Ancient Egypt, Opal fossils, Megafauna and Ediacaran Fossil galleries.

Professor Flint and a fossil ammonite


Professor Flint and Australian megafauna


Professor Flint in the Ediacaran Fossil Gallery



Family Day – 15 March, 2015 – part of Gifted Awareness Week.

Children and their parents greatly enjoyed a performance by the singing Scottish Palaeontologist, Professor Flint, about Dinosaurs Down Under.

As well as learning about South Australian fossils from the Ediacaran, Cambrian and Pleistocene periods, children enjoyed songs such as I want to be a Palaeontologist, I’m not a dinosaur (about plesiosaurs), Anomalocaris and Dinosaur Stampede.

Professor FlintProfessor FlintProfessor Flint

IMG_7051Professor Flint