Gifted Kid Zone

Giftedness is 24/7.  It cannot be turned off.  It can’t happen only between 9am-11am on Tuesdays.  What if you were gifted and there was nobody like you?  Would you want to stand out like a bright star against a velvety night sky? Or would you choose to hide by camouflaging your abilities?

This series of books about a family of five gifted cheetah cubs is designed to provide a few snapshots of the world of the gifted and talented child.

?While written and illustrated on a child’s level, they also help adults become aware of some of the issues a gifted child could face.

Our world needs these children.

  • What difference would it make if they were nurtured?
  • What if they learned to celebrate their giftedness?
  • What if they prized their originality?
  • What if they knew that this was normal for them?
  • How wonderful if their giftedness were acknowledged when they were small!

Gloria van Donge is a mother of a gifted child, but she only discovered this in her retirement!  She recalls that at the age of 3 years old, her daughter would recite story books on long car trips.  All it took was the first sentence, “Once upon a time” and the words would tumble out.  There was no stopping until “they lived happily ever after”.

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