Saturday Club Term 3 2018

“Aviation is proof that, given the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible” – Eddie Rickenbacker 1890-1973.

Saturday Club for Term 3 will focus on the theme of Aviation.

The program will be delivered by a team of aviation specialists comprising aircrew and engineers with both civil and military experience and a combined experience of over 60 years in the industry. The four sessions will serve to provide an introduction in to the complex world of aviation.  The journey for all participants will commence with a historical perspective, early pioneers and a more modern look in to the corner stone concept of flight such as lift and drag.

Sessions 2 and 3 will then look at the issues of materials and design and then the propulsion system. Across these three session both junior and middle years attendees will be exposed to the same presentation but the depth of conversation and accompanying practical activities will be tailored.

In Session 4 the Middle years will investigate the other complex system of systems that go in to making an air vehicle operate safely and effectively – flight controls, hydraulics, landing gear, life support etc. Session 4 for the Junior years will look at the aviation industry from a personnel and ground systems view point and discuss the future state of the industry and design a service delivery model.

Session One  (4 Aug 2018) :  Just Flap your Arms Faster:  (Junior and Middle) 

  • History and Theory of Flight. –  Icarus, Leonardo de Vinci, Montgolfier, the Wright brothers, early achievements (Bleriot, Lindbergh, England-Australia races), development (how and why does war speed development?). What makes an aircraft fly? Why are there so many different designs and types? Key Concepts – Lift, Drag, What is air? How is that different to space?


Session Two  (18 Aug 2018):  From Paper to Plastic:   (Junior and Middle) 

  • Design, Construction, and Materials.How are aircraft made? Materials used (past, present, future) and their advantages/disadvantages. Design differences – why would we use a balloon/aeroplane/helicopter over another design? What are their limitations and advantages? Key Concepts – Strength to Weight ratio, Durability, Maintainability, Endurance


Session Three (1 Sep 2018) : We need more power Mr Scott!!  (Junior and Middle)  This session will run in tandem with our Annual General Meeting which usually starts around 3pm.

  • Propulsion Systems . How are air vehicles propelled? Simple propellers ,materials, multiple blades, variable pitch etc. Conventional v Jet engines. Fuel sources/types petro-chemical (why and what additives) Solar/Battery, New technology electrical.

Key Concept – power to weight/drag ratio, temperature/oxygen v altitude,  suck-squeeze-bang-blow.

Session Four (15 Sep 2018) :  Millions of Parts One Aircraft: (Middle)

  • Aircraft Systems of Systems.. Applying their knowledge and understanding to further identify the sub-systems that go together to make a safe, viable, effective and efficient aviation platform. Discussion will then centre around the interaction between systems and the trade off that are often made in design. Other practical aviation issues can also be examined such as


Session Four  (15 Sep 2018)Ding Dong Drone Delivery:  (Junior) 

  • Aviation Future Services and Employment.  What types of people do we need to operate air vehicles? Aircrew personnel and how they’ve changed (flight engineers, flight attendants, navigators, gunners, radio operators, UAS operators etc), air traffic control (why do we need them and how do they do what they do? What tools do they use?), engineers and technicians, other ground personnel (refuellers, baggage handlers, check-in staff, spares, etc). What other services are key to the delivery of aviation (meteorology, IT systems, RFID, security screening, facial recognition, roll-on-off palates) What do these people do and how has their job changed? What will change in the future? Technology impact? Design a future state aviation logistics delivery system. Design a future state passenger system.

The Eventbrite link is here so book soon as our first session is Saturday week August 4th!

Eventbrite is easy to use and you will be able to book easily and obtain confirmation immediately following booking.

If you are attending Saturday Club for the first time please note:
  • You are requested to bring a snack and a drink for each student during the break which is usually around 2.50pm. Because of dietary restrictions and allergy problems we cannot offer students any snacks during these sessions.
  • We provide tea, coffee and biscuits for parents who are asked to remain on Campus under the terms of our Insurance and the Child Protection Act.
  • The venue for Saturday Club is Glenunga International High School, 99 L’Éstrange Street, Glenunga – Classroom 
    Please enter from L’Estrange Street , through the staff car park and then through the Administration Door to the right of the big blue wall to have your attendance noted
  •  Please arrive about 10 minutes EARLY – if you are running late please call 0422 246476 to update!
  •  Please allow time to register your child and settle them in the room as our presenter needs to be able to start on time, and all children need to be in the classroom by 2pm.
  • Students are strongly encouraged at attend all four sessions to gain  maximum benefit and to ensure a discount
                         If you are a GTCASA  member you will need to email to obtain the discount code for the sessions for your Eventbrite booking.