GATEWAYS EUREKA – Oh the Places You’ll Go!

For children who love language, literature,
and creative thinking:
‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go!’  is now enrolling!

This is some information about our Term 2 Eureka program, ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go!’, for your gifted writers, passionate readers and highly creative thinkers. Please find below information about nearby upcoming opportunities available to the gifted and talented students from your school.

During our Eureka program students will attend the host venue for one day and participate in three in-depth, engaging workshops created by the talented team from G.A.T.E.WAYS. The workshops will encourage students to consider amazing literature, analyse and respond with their own writing, consider philosophical concepts and tap into their skills in creative expression!

We are currently trialing digital forms with some schools that are going paperless. If you are interested in receiving these as an alternative to printable forms, please contact with the venue you’d like to nominate your students for.

Further details and links for our Eureka programs can be found below or you can visit our website for more information.


Loreto College
Years 4, 5 and 6
Wednesday 12th June
Upper Years Brochure
Years 1, 2 and 3
Thursday 13th June
Lower Years Brochure


Please click the link below for information on how to nominate and enrol students.
Information for coordinators

Please ensure that parents receive the information below as it explains the enrolment process.
Information for parents

If you have any further queries or require assistance please don’t hesitate to phone us on 03 9894 2116.

We look forward to welcoming your students.

Kind regards,

Ang Hewasiribaddana (Program Co-ordinator) and Jenny Humphrey (Administration Officer)
The G.A.T.E.WAYS Eureka Team