GIFTED MINDS Adelaide Trip

Fiona Smith and Dominic Westbrook work in partnership providing services to intellectually and creatively gifted and twice exceptional individuals. Fiona is a registered Psychologist and has worked with this population for 25 years. Dominic is a registered Counsellor and provides achievement testing and counselling services for clients aged four years to adult.

With children aged between six and seventeen Fiona uses the WISC-V IQ test as it is relatively recent and has now had extended IQ scores for giftedness incorporated. The assessment cost is $950, which includes the test session itself, a written report (15-25 pages) and phone follow-up consultation (20 minutes in duration). The assessment usually takes between 45 minutes and 90 minutes – depending on the age of the child and the pace at which the child likes to work.

Gifted Minds also provides achievement testing using the WIAT-III. The cost of the testing and report is $600 but can depend on how many subtests are given and how long testing takes. The cost for the package WISC & WIAT is $1400. We can test for achievement abilities from the age of four. The GM Counsellor, Dominic does the WIAT testing, and we collaborate on the report. 

Dominic also does counselling in person, by phone and by zoom. Dominic specialises in working with gifted individuals ranging from age four to adult and has clients all over Australia and in the US. Individual counselling is $150 per hour.

The aim of the report is to provide information about your child’s intellectual ability, as well as your child’s profile of intensity and how these both may have an impact in class and at home. We also include suggested strategies on how to cater for your child’s needs in these environments. We do not diagnose mental health issues or learning disabilities but will refer if we see the need. We do not do achievement testing on the same day as we feel the child’s attention span is compromised after an hour of IQ testing due to the intense concentration.

In general, clients find the standardised assessment and report useful in terms of increasing their understanding of their child and advocating for their child’s needs at school. Our practice manager and counsellor Dominic is happy to have a chat re any other questions ( Please look at our website for more about the GM practice and what we do and do not provide.