Invitation to Participate in a Research Project about Twice-Exceptionality…

Researchers at Griffith University are undertaking a research study (GU Ref No: 2021/615), to understand how twice-exceptional young people aged 11 to 18 years, (or currently in Year 5-Year 12), are supported in schools through strength-based approaches to their learning.  

We are seeking parents/caregivers and their twice-exceptional children to participate in this study. We would appreciate it if you could kindly share the attached information with your members/subscribers. 

If anyone would like further information about participating, please see the flyer or email us at: with the subject line ‘2e Study’.  

Thank you. 

Regards, Dr Michelle Ronksley-Pavia PhD FHEA

MEd(G&T); GradDipEd(Sec); GradCertEd; BFA(Hons) 

MEd(G&T); GradDipEd(Sec); GradCertEd; BFA(Hons) 

Gifted and Talented Education Specialist

Researcher with the Griffith Institute for Educational Research (GIER)