Frequently Asked Questions

At GTCASA, we answer many queries from parents concerned about their child’s welfare. We are happy to help parents along this journey with their gifted youngster, but perhaps you might find the answer to your question here in our FAQs page?

Q: My childs teacher has suggested that I have my child tested, what steps do I have to take to do this?

A: It is possible that the teacher is suggesting a psychometric assessment which can only be done by a licensed psychologist. Be sure to choose a psychologist who has an interest in the education of gifted students as the quality of the report may vary depending upon the knowledge of the psychologist. GTCASA keeps a register of member psychologists, contact our Resource Centre for more information. Other testing can be done within your child’s school. In general a child is considered to be gifted if he or she is performing academically at a level two years (or more) ahead of their chronological age. If you email giftedsa@gtcasa.asn.au we will end you a list of psychologists together with information on our association