Welcome to the Gifted and Talented Children’s Association of South Australia .

GTCASA is a volunteer organisation committed to enhancing the social, emotional and intellectual development of children and adolescents with high intellectual potential.

We organise events for gifted children, their carers and teachers.


GTCASA Committee

GTCASA  is always  looking for energetic volunteers who understand giftedness and believe in helping to unlock the potential of these special needs children.Please email us at giftedsa@gtcasa.asn.au if you have a couple of free hours to assist us with our plans!  Or contact us if you wish to observe at one of our meetings with a view to joining us!


GTCASA will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Saturday 1st September at Glenunga International High School staff room and usually commences at 3pm.

The AGM Minutes 2017 are available here and you can view the President’s report here and the most recent Treasurer report here The audit report is  here

  • To form a quorum we need Financial Members to be in attendance so we hope all members will make an effort to attend and consider nominating for Committee as this is a vital role in our Association and we currently  have a Committee of only 7 members.
  • At the time of the meeting all GTCASA Committee positions are declared vacant.  Any nominations from financial members together with the name of a seconder can be sent to giftedsa@gtcasa.asn.au to be received no later than two weeks prior to the AGM, i.e. 18th August, specifying the office or offices to which election is sought by the candidate.


Forthcoming GTCASA events include:


TERM 3 2018 –

Aviation is proof that, given the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible” – Eddie Rickenbacker 1890-1973.

Saturday Club for Term 3 will focus on the theme of Aviation.

The program will be delivered by a team of aviation specialists comprising aircrew and engineers with both civil and military experience and a combined experience of over 60 years in the industry. The four sessions will serve to provide an introduction in to the complex world of aviation. The journey for all participants will commence on August 4th with a historical perspective, early pioneers and a more modern look in to the corner stone concept of flight such as lift and drag.

Sessions 2 and 3  on August 18th and September 1 respectively will then look at the issues of materials and design and then the propulsion system.

(Session 3 will run parallel to our AGM and we hope all financial members will attend)

Across these three sessions both junior and middle years attendees will be exposed to the same presentation but the depth of conversation and accompanying practical activities will be tailored.

In session 4  on September 15th the Middle years will investigate the other complex system of systems that go in to making an air vehicle operate safely and effectively – flight controls, hydraulics, landing gear, life support etc. Session 4 for the Junior years will look at the aviation industry from a personnel and ground systems view point and discuss the future state of the industry and design a service delivery model.

The Eventbrite link  and more detail on the individual sessions can be found here.  If this is your first experience of Saturday Club, please look at the conditions for your attendance.

GLD or 2e 

Gifted with Learning Disorders (GLD) support group meetings



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