Welcome to the Gifted and Talented Children’s Association of South Australia .

GTCASA is a volunteer organisation committed to enhancing the social, emotional and intellectual development of children and adolescents with high intellectual potential.

We organise events for gifted children, their carers and teachers.


GTCASA Committee

GTCASA  is always  looking for energetic volunteers who understand giftedness and believe in helping to unlock the potential of these special needs children.Please email us at giftedsa@gtcasa.asn.au if you have a couple of free hours to assist us with our plans!  Or contact us if you wish to observe at one of our meetings with a view to joining us!


Forthcoming GTCASA events include:


TERM 2 2018 –

  • Please note there is a 3 week break between sessions 2 and 3 owing to the Queen’s Birthday holiday weekend.
  • This term we are looking at Musicology and Art and the sessions planned are as below:


Our presenter Iran is writing a thesis about the sound of a Japanese instrument, the koto.  She makes electronic musical instruments that use movement to create sound, and researches the way instruments work. She has played music in Australia, the US and Iran and teaches sound theory, the cultural uses of music, sound in interactive media such as video games. She has been at the University of Adelaide since 2012 and her  personal website is iran.sanad.net.au

Saturday May 12th 2-4pm for ages 8-12  Session 1 – How sound works using daily objects

Saturday May 26th 2-4pm for ages 8-12  Session 2 – How has music changed over time and its relationship to place.

Saturday June 16th 2-4pm  for ages 5-8  Session 3 – How does tuning work and how to make music from anything.

Saturday June 30th 2-4pm  for ages 5-8  Session 4 –  How to pick the age or the region of a piece of music, and how to see how the ideas of music have changed over the centuries.

Impressionist Painting Workshops

Presenter Claire Richards illustrates picture books with a colourful watercolours and ink. Her latest book Jack and Mia by Robert Vescio, was created completely on the computer but she still likes to work with messy paints. She loves drawing animals and looking at historical paintings. Claire is a qualified teacher. She has taught art to children and adults for over ten years and encourages each person in their unique style.

Saturday 12th May 2-4pm for ages 5-8 Sketch animals and other moving things!
Sketch movement like the impressionists.

Saturday 26th May 2-4pm for ages 5-8  Paint a pointillist painting!
Learn about the basics of colour theory through mixing colours on the page.

Saturday 16th June 2-4pm for ages 8-12  Shadows and movement in a landscapes
Sketch movement and light like the impressionists. Look at how they were radical in their painting style and subject choices.

Saturday 30th June 2-4pm for ages 8-12   Sleeping animals and still things.
Be inspired by pictures by impressionists and paint a big watercolour still life. Practice colour theory by combining colours on the page in a pointillist style.

 You can access more information on each session here

You should note we intend introducing Eventbrite software for bookings this term so things will be a little different and the link to use is here


GLD or 2e 

Gifted with Learning Disorders (GLD) support group meetings



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