Welcome to the Gifted and Talented Children’s Association of South Australia!  Happy New Year and lets hope 2017 will be a winner!

GTCASA is a volunteer organisation committed to enhancing the social, emotional and intellectual development of children and adolescents with high intellectual potential.

We organise events for gifted children, their carers and teachers.


Forthcoming events include:


We are presenting another group of sessions with Abhi Verna from “Rack the Brain” and we will post details very soon.   We hope to present a second series of sessions but so far we have no information available.

Please be patient – we will update as soon as we are able!


…Would you or another family member like to become part of a PhD study on fostering the mathematical promise of Australian youth with high potential in mathematics?

Given the recent media on Australian students’ numeracy/mathematics performance on international testing and the number of STEM initiatives appearing, this study is timely and we are sharing information about the research project on our website to encourage members to participate.

The aims of the parent survey are to understand the school and non-school mathematical learning experiences of high potential mathematics students, and the impact of these learning experiences on mathematically promising students’ performance and engagement with mathematics.  Please note that all survey responses are anonymous, unless the parent provides their contact details at the end.  All survey responses will be kept confidential, and any analysis will be reported in an aggregated and/or de-identified way.

You can get further information at the links below or through this post parent survey attachment




…GLD or 2e  Gifted with Learning Disorders (GLD) support group meetings


…AAEGT GIFTED AWARENESS WEEK – 12th to 18th March, 2017 

GAW2017– DIVERSITY: Recognise, Realise, Respond

A Declaration of Rights of the Gifted Child

The AAEGT (Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and  Talented) is holding a  ‘Declaration of Rights’ competition as part of  Gifted Awareness Week 2017. You can log in here for more information.



GTCASA Committee

The Gifted and Talented Children’s Association of South Australia (GTCASA) is a volunteer organisation committed to the intellectual, emotional and social development of the gifted children of South Australia. GTCASA organises activities for children, and those who support them.

GTCASA  is always  looking for energetic volunteers who understand giftedness and believe in helping to unlock the potential of these special needs children.Please email us at huftedsa@gtcasa.asn.au if you have a couple of free hours to assist us with our plans!

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