Welcome to the Gifted and Talented Children’s Association of South Australia .

GTCASA is a volunteer organisation committed to enhancing the social, emotional and intellectual development of children and adolescents with high intellectual potential.

We organise events for gifted children, their carers and teachers.


GTCASA Committee

GTCASA  is always  looking for energetic volunteers who understand giftedness and believe in helping to unlock the potential of these special needs children.Please email us at giftedsa@gtcasa.asn.au if you have a couple of free hours to assist us with our plans!  Or contact us if you wish to observe at one of our meetings with a view to joining us

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday September 14th at 3.10pm. 

Saturday Club will occur as usual and following the student break, we will convene the AGM.  We need a quorum so all parents are invited to remain for the meeting and all GTCASA families are invited to attend.

Our Committee number is lower than we would like and  we need committed members to show an interest.   We have started using the Zoom app for meetings which means we get top stay at home in the warm, so if you are interested in joining or observing a meeting please email us at giftedsa@gtcasa.asn.au

Forthcoming GTCASA events include:


3 Aug 19, 17 Aug 19, 31 Aug 19, 14 Sep 19 (to include GTCASA AGM)

(please note dates are one week earlier than previously advertised)

Eventbrite link is here

Term 3 2019 Saturday Club will be focusing on the creative arts.

The Junior program will be four different art sessions delivered by artist and art teacher Lorelei Siegloff. The program looks to expand the participants vocabulary and understanding in fine arts and expose them to some of the underpinning skills and techniques that go in to producing fine art.

The Intermediate and Senior program will be two sessions on musical composition by Sebastian Phlox from the Elder Conservatory coupled with two session of drama by Sue Lyons. The drama sessions are part of a longer term investigation by GTCASA with regard to offering/delivering standalone (not school based) GTCASA Tournament of Minds teams in future years (https://www.tom.edu.au/).


invites you to attend:


This professional learning course for educators is based upon the Federal Government’s Professional Development Package for Teachers produced by the Gifted Education Research, Resources and Information Centre (GERRIC), University of New South Wales. As this course was originally published in 2005, its content and readings have been updated to reflect current research, practice and evidence in the second decade of the 21st century.

Participating in the program will increase your capacity to cater for the needs of highly able learners. Should you wish to progress to post-graduate studies in Gifted Education at Flinders University, credit may be given to those participants who complete the whole course and submit written critical reflections. Participants will be equipped with workshop materials, PowerPoints and other learning aids.

More information and a flyer here


GLDSA – Gifted with Learning Disabilities, South Australia

Do you have a child identified as “twice-exceptional” (or “2-E”), or “gifted with a learning disability” or just has “something else going on”?

Then you may be interested in GLD SA, a subcommittee of GTCASA.

Read more about our news, events and activities here.