Welcome to the Gifted and Talented Children’s Association of South Australia .

GTCASA is a volunteer organisation committed to enhancing the social, emotional and intellectual development of children and adolescents with high intellectual potential.

We organise events for gifted children, their carers and teachers.


GTCASA Committee

GTCASA  is always  looking for energetic volunteers who understand giftedness and believe in helping to unlock the potential of these special needs children

…The 2021 Annual General Meeting  will be  held on Saturday September 11th at 3.10pm. 


…  SATURDAY CLUB -TERM 3 2021 Glenunga (Central)

The theme for Term 3 2021 is Food Fraud. Honey tampering is a contentious issue for Australian beekeepers and honey producers. Can you Help!
Dates are  July 31;  August 14th and 28th; September 11th (including AGM)

Allergy Alert – During this Term children will be in contact with raw and processed Honey. If you child is allergic to honey please discuss with the coordinator prior to purchasing a ticket.

Honey tampering has recently been a contentious issue for Australian beekeepers and honey producers. The has affected import and export markets, the commercialisation of foodstuffs, as well as the health and wellbeing of bees and honey consumers.

Students will delve into the discussions of CFI- Criminal Food Investigations.

These session will be delivered by our partner Sciren lead by science communicators Dr Bianca Warnock and Dr Deb Devis. Visit them at https://www.sciren.com.au/


The maximum class size for these sessions will be 10 children.
In an attempt to ensure the maximum number of children get this great opportunity there will be two session run for the junior and intermediate groups. The timings will be 1-3pm and 3-5pm. Please note what time you have purchased at ticketing.

For more information on sessions and booking details use this link

Please note ALL sessions are now available to book



We are trialing a series of sessions at Aberfoyle Park High School which are the same as those run at Glenunga although the dates are different and the sessions run between 2pm and 4pm :

Saturday 7th and 21st August

Saturday 4th and 18th September

For full information on session times and details please click here



Dara School is a community that nurtures learning and personal growth in intellectually gifted students. It is a secular, independent and co-educational school. It currently caters for primary school Year 1 to Year 7 students and will soon grow to cater for students from Year 1 to Year 12.

Dara School has a progressive educational philosophy and its environment is designed to optimise the specific learning characteristics of gifted and talented students. This design is based on a pedagogy that recognises and nurtures each student’s individuality and uniqueness through an integrated, personalised approach to teaching and learning. This approach is complemented by strategically organised and flexible learning spaces.

Further information

Vicki: Phone: 0487 029 331 Reception@daraschool.sa.edu.au

Lynda (Principal) Phone 0412 678 060 Lynda@daraschool.sa.edu.au

…Differentiation by Design – join us at DARA for professional development

This professional learning course for educators is based upon the Jarvis Tomlinson model of Differentiation (Tomlinson and Jarvis 2009). The model focuses upon catering for the needs of all students, including the highly able. Differentiated and personalised teaching strategies that deliver rigorous and respectful learning experiences for students will be demonstrated and applied.

Further details are available here


GLDSA – Gifted with Learning Disabilities, South Australia

Do you have a child identified as “twice-exceptional” (or “2-E”), or “gifted with a learning disability” or just has “something else going on”?

Then you may be interested in GLD SA, a subcommittee of GTCASA.

If you wish to receive emails or other notifications from GLD SA, please  email Kate on donka004@msn.com


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